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Hardened Media Players

Running Live for Android? For just $345.00* you can buy our recommended hardware, the top selling Smart Digital Appliance directly from us.

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You’ve picked great software to run your Digital Signage network, now you need to design your layouts to get your message across.
Our professional design team can help you turn your ideas into layouts that pop.


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Open Source Player

Live’s player is open source, which means it can be ported to any device capable of providing the hardware power and accoutrements it needs to do its job. In theory, this means you could port it to less standard handheld devices, game consoles, various modern plug-and-play media devices, and a wide range of smart TVs.

Established Platforms

The player is already available for Windows, Android and webOS (LG’s smart TV system), which puts smart TVs, Windows-driven displays and slim, affordable tablets at your disposal for easy guerilla advertising in your store.

Flexible Content

The content system available through Live is inspired by the programmable, HTML-driven systems used for a lot of complex live streams these days. A good example of this kind of functionality is also used by the speed running community, during their big AGDQ/SGDQ broadcasts. They don’t use Live as of yet, but its functionality and way of operation was heavily inspired by such things.

Cloud Computing and Storage

Take advantage of multiple parallel renderings of the same feed, with no limitations to GPU and logic capacity. This is done by using distributed cloud infrastructure to render and deploy the content over your network. This makes timing and scheduling much easier, and allows you to completely synchronize multiple displays showing your content.

Advanced Layout and Widgets

Create a comprehensive layout with data sources, custom widgets, and audiovisual elements for in-store advertising. With a little artistic flair, you can create mixed media displays that rival professional high-quality live streams.


 Automate your displays with timelines, coded triggers and much more, meaning that you can go beyond simple loops, without having to run a broadcast studio to do so!

Full Web

Want to set up a custom domain for your data feeds? You can control everything with Live from a browser, and create an entire, intricate domain full of feeds, run-off premise on the cloud—even simpler devices can work well in this infrastructure.


Customers should contact Live directly for information on tailored digital signage solution plans and pricing schemes.

"I have worked with many of the big products in the digital signage industry. Live stands up tall and above all of them”

Laura Gray, President, Digital Signage Resolutions

“each and every Veluba® out there can stream advertising and information all centrally controlled by the Live CMS”

Veluba® brings Live to the streets (and cycle lanes) of London!

"We are inspired by the features of Live, and have found new applications across the business."

We are inspired by the features of Live, and have found new applications across the business.


“Live keeps us ahead of competitors and ticks all the boxes.” – KFC Barbados

KFC Barbados Stays Ahead of the Game with Live Signage

“Live serves our client needs in every case, simple or demanding!”

Intelligent Media first decided to fully integrate Live back in 2013, four years on they are now the largest Reseller of Live in the Greek market.

Live is a practical and dependable cornerstone of our network”

Longhill High School have been using Live for several years, and remain highly impressed with the quality of displayed content that their team are able to create.


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