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We offer cross-compatibility across multiple platforms


Why You Need Live

”I need digital signage Software that works for my business.”

Businesses are evolving constantly and Digital Signage Software needs to offer:
– Cost effective software licences
– Adaptability to changing business requirements
– A variety of integration options
– Options for using existing infrastructure
Live Signage ticks all the boxes!


Get Everything You Need With Just One CMS

A state-of-the-art digital signage content management system, built from the grounds up with HTML5 support. A perpetual as well as SaaS based subscription. A fully robust list of clients supported which include: Windows, Android, Linux, SOCs (WebOS and Tizen). Unlimited set of clients supported, self-hosted or cloud hosted through us. Multi-Year subscription discounts available. Thousands of clients worldwide with 100’s of thousands of installations globally.

"Live keeps us ahead of competitors and ticks all the boxes."

Stuart Davis

"Excellent low-cost alternative backed by some of the best industry digital standards"

Adam C. Business & IT Manager

"Reliable software that stands up to the best in the industry for 1/2 the price"

Travis S. Digital Director


Live For Everyone

Enhance your business

Live helps improve businesses worldwide and across all industries with our digital signage solution.

live For Everyone

Reduce Spend

Digital Signage helps businesses reduce spend on traditional printing costs and reach a wider audience

Live For Everyone

Improve Internal Communication

Engage and inform employees and visitors quickly and efficiently across multiple locations

Live For Everyone

Improve Customer Experience

Wow customers and passers-by with beautiful and engaging digital displays

Cost Effective

Cloud Hosting

World Class Support

Safe & Secure

Engaging Displays

Layout Editor

Headless CMS

Built In Analytics

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